OnHelm Service Promise

OnHelm promises to guarantee consistent and exceptional Member Experiences at all times throughout your Membership.

OnHelm is committed to delivering Exceptional Service Experience ensuring your contact with our Lifestyle Managers at all times is:

  1. Accessible

    The Lifestyle Management Team will be available ‘around-the-clock’, providing you with instant access to knowledgeable, fully-trained staff, who are committed to delivering excellent service to you wherever you are in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    The Lifestyle Management Team will offer service in over 25 languages worldwide, with consistent local language and English serviced out of each territory.

  2. Personable

    Your Lifestyle Manager will provide you with honest, courteous, friendly and professional service.
    Your Lifestyle Manager will be trained and experienced.
    Your Lifestyle Manager will demonstrate an interest in your life and lifestyle.
    Your Lifestyle Manager will value you as a Member.

  3. Timely

    Your Lifestyle Manager will provide request updates as per the timelines agreed upon between you.
    Your Lifestyle Manager will complete requests within a suitable timeframe as discussed and agreed upon between you.

  4. Convenient

    Your Lifestyle Manager will be fully trained, experienced and will ask relevant and detailed questions at the point of initial discussion according to the nature of your request.
    Your Lifestyle Manager will use the appropriate contact method as preferred by you (email, telephone or mobile app) and as dictated by request-type (e.g. last minute, urgent, emergency).
    Your Lifestyle Manager will provide detailed confirmations and reminders of request booking arrangements upon completion of request; including cancellation policy, booking reference numbers, and booking terms & conditions.

  5. Valuable & Relevant

    Your Lifestyle Manager will understand your lifestyle wants and needs, and will provide ‘Insider’ objective supplier recommendations, based on your personal preferences and interests – using our global network of trustworthy and reliable global suppliers.
    Your Lifestyle Manager will offer you knowledgeable advice by using a team of expert in-house Specialists.
    Your Lifestyle Manager will be a source of diverse information – from suggesting luxury, unique and/or ‘Hidden Gems’ to providing relevant suitable options should your first option not be available for any reason.
    Your Lifestyle Manager will communicate added-value supplier benefits to you, based on what you value.

  6. Discret

    Your Lifestyle Manager will manage and fulfil your requests with the utmost sensitivity, discretion and confidentiality, as well as observing cultural considerations and awareness at all times.
    Your Lifestyle Manager will ensure your personal data (recorded in a secure company CRM database) (see Privacy Policy) is handled securely and with care and discretion at all times.

  7. Effective

    We welcome feedback from Members which can be provided at any time by telephone, email or feedback@onhelm.com
    We will thoroughly investigate all complaints and update you regularly on progress until the complaint is resolved.
    Your Lifestyle Manager or Senior Management, will proactively share complaint status updates throughout the entire course of complaint.
    Your Lifestyle Manager or Senior Manager will follow up post-complaint resolution to ensure service excellence is reinstated.

  8. Aware

    OnHelm staff will regularly contact you directly via telephone, email, or in person, throughout the duration of your Membership to gauge the quality of your experience.
    OnHelm staff will provide an open platform for ad hoc (and anonymous if preferred) feedback via a dedicated Website section and periodic questionnaires and/or Member Surveys.
    OnHelm staff will provide welcome and swift acknowledgement of your feedback, and investigate, evaluate and follow up, where appropriate, implementing new Member experience-related initiatives where required.

Member calls are recorded for training purposes and to ensure that we strive for service excellence.